Laitex Equipment will be part of the world largest biomass plant

The Finnish Laitex Oy company, established in 1986, is an experienced supplier of material handling equipment.
Process knowledge and engineering skills of Laitex in material handling ensure high-quality and flexible deliveries. Its main industries are energy, pulp, paper and forest, chemicals, minerals, biofuels and waste handling. Among other products, it manufactures conveyor systems for receiving stations at power plants, solutions for fuel screening and crushing, conveyors for fuel feeding and sand or ash handling, and conveyor equipment for fly ash and filter dust. Laitex employs 60 process industry specialists, mainly in Lappeenranta. In addition to Lappeenranta, Laitex has offices in Vantaa and St. Petersburg.

“PHB Weserhütte S.A.U.” is currently developing the biomass handling system for the Tees Renewable Energy Plant Project, located in Teesside, United Kingdom, for the consortium Técnicas Reunidas (TR) & Samsung C&T.  Costing £650m to build, the Tees Renewable Energy Plant will be the largest dedicated biomass power plant in the world and is the largest thermal-combustion power plant under construction in the UK today.

With this project under execution, “PHB Weserhütte” confirms its position in the renewable energy sector as a global supplier of materials handling equipment with their own state of the art technology.

Laitex Oy got the opportunity to supply the material receiving station for trucks and to be part of the fuel handling. Material receiving station will be used for the fuel which arrives to the plant by wheels.

For Laitex Oy the opportunity to be part of the project will be important in many ways. We have supplied equipment and turnkey solutions all over the world during the last three decades. We believe our brand awareness will improve while the high quality of our equipment will be proven in the new state of the art power plant.

“As a notable equipment manufacturer, it is important to be involved in such a large project, and we will be looking for similar projects in the future,” says Lasse Kurronen, CEO of Laitex. “In the past, we have delivered conveyors to four of the world’s largest recovery boilers, so it is great to also have this opportunity to deliver our solutions to the world’s largest biomass plant. The energy and power plant industry is our strongest field of operations “ he sums.

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For additional information, please contact:
Lasse Kurronen, CEO
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Our customer PHB is part of the company TSK. TSK is a global Company that specializes in the execution of complex projects at an international level providing its own technology for different sectors in the industry such as electrical infrastructures, industrial plants, energy generating power plants (conventional or renewable), Oil&Gas, water treatment plants or installations for handling and storage of raw materials. TSK reached sales close to 1000 million Euros in 2017 and has more than 1000 professionals and projects executed in more than 50 countries.