Screening, metal separation and crushing

Advanced and reliable solutions for screening, metal separation and crushing

Laitex offers solutions for both ferrous and non-ferrous separation. Screening and crushing of biofuel ensures the right fuel particle size for the boiler. These solutions are suitable for different types of boilers and they are always designed according to the fuel feeding system requirements.



  • Reliable and tested design
  • Safe crushing and shredding
  • Designed for fuel feeding specifications


Case Babina Greda, Croatia

Laitex supplied a fuel receiving station with stoker dischargers (600m³) in Babina Greda, Croatia. The delivery included Fe-separation and screening. The solution is used for a biomass fired plant that generates 9.7MW power output and 10MW heat output. The boiler utilizes a wide range of fuels such as forest residues and contributes to the sustainable development of Croatia’s energy systems.

Stoker discharger for receiving solid fuels