Stoker discharger

A robust and reliable receiving station for fully controlled flow of solid fuels

A stoker discharger can be implemented in various dimensions by installing several standard units side by side for the required storage capacity. The solution enables mixing of various solid fuels and the generation of the desired fuel mixes, as the different materials can be discharged simultaneously.

Stoker dischargers are usually installed on a concrete foundation either in a pit or on ground level for unloading of the fuel from a truck driven on top of the stoker discharger. Stoker dischargers are typically hydraulically operated.



  • Tailored solutions
  • Large capacity range
  • Various alternatives for fuel components
  • Mixing of various materials simultaneously

Case Syktyvkar, Russia (800 m³ storage)

Laitex delivered a fuel receiving and screening system for a biomass boiler to generate heat in Syktyvkar, Russia. The solution included receiving station with stoker dischargers (800m³) and fuel handling, which covers Fe-separation, screening and crushing equipment. Also a fuel separation system with crushing line was part of the delivery.