Chain discharger

Reliable choice for solid fuels

The design of a receiving station with chain dischargers ensures efficient truck unloading. In order to achieve the required storage capacity, several standard units can be installed side by side.

The frame is made of structural steel, with a film or polycarbonate laminated or stainless steel deck. Each discharger is driven by a ratchet wheel with a hydraulic cylinder, or it can be equipped with a geared or hydraulic motor.

The design ensures that the station will empty completely during the material discharge.



  • Suitable for various solid biofuels
  • Reliable and standard construction
  • Low operating costs
  • Mixing of different solid fuels


Case Uusikaupunki, Finland (1000 m³ storage)

Laitex supplied a complete fuel receiving and handling system for a 2×16 MW biomass boiler plant to generate process steam in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

The solution included a receiving station with chain dischargers (1000m³) and fuel handling, which includes Fe-separation, screening and crushing equipment. Also fuel feeding and ash handling equipment were part of the delivery.

Laitex was chosen as a supplier because of our strong knowledge of fuel handling demands. The customer also appreciated our capability to deliver a complete solution from the receiving station to boiler feeding.

Solid fuel receiving station with chain discharge