Full scope solutions

Laitex is strong in complete fuel handling solutions

Full-scope solutions in fuel handling is a strong expertise area at Laitex. Our project success is based on extensive process knowledge and accurate planning followed by perfect implementation.

Laitex’s full-scope solutions cover a wide range of processes and customers all over the world, from complete engineering and procurement to process know-how. The portfolio includes engineering, installation, start-up and training as well as lifecycle solutions and maintenance services.

Full-scope solutions also include the design and supply of buildings such as fuel receiving buildings, screening houses, electric rooms and silos. In addition, Laitex carries out building electrification consisting of lighting system, maintenance outlet system and lightning protection system.

You can get the whole full-scope project from us as a turnkey delivery. Our aim is to understand in-depth our customers’ processes and find the right solution to their needs. As a result of strong engineering skills, years of experience, and customer understanding, we can offer full-scope solutions for fuel handling needs.

Turku Energia as a Full Scope delivery

Full-scope projects include

  • Engineering and planning
  • Long-lifetime products
  • Buildings
  • Electrification, automation and instrumentation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Lifecycle services and spare parts
  • Reliable delivery times
Adven Oy Uusikaupunki
Adven Oy Uusikaupunki
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