Ash and sand handling systems

Mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems for ash and sand handling

Ash conveying solutions are available for both dry and wet ash removal. We also supply mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems, and storing and unloading systems for fly ash and sand.

product portfolio includes

  • Cooling screws, chain conveyors & ash containers
  • Drum screens
  • Pneumatic conveyors for screened bottom & fly ash
  • Humidifiers for fly ash
  • Wet ash chain conveyors
  • Bottom ash screening systems


Case Martin, Slovakia

Laitex delivered a complete bottom ash and sand handling system with ash sieving equipment for an 80MW biomass fired plant in Martin, Slovakia. The ash and sand handling system included ash hoppers and chutes, cooled screw conveyors, ash container, chain and screw conveyors, and also pneumatic conveyors.

The delivery also included fuel feeding equipment. The new biomass fired plant significantly increases renewable energy production in Slovakia.


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