Waste treatment

Ideal waste handling solutions

Laitex waste handling solutions include pre-processing systems for industrial and commercial waste as well as source separated biodegradable waste. Our product range for waste fuels like RDF (refuse derived fuel) and SRF (solid recovered fuel) include receiving stations, size reduction, screening, sorting and storing equipment.

Dedicated Laitex SRF and RDF fuel feeding and ash handling systems are ideal for power plants which use SRF or RDF as prime or support fuel. Laitex solutions suit grate boilers, fluidized bed (CFB & BFB), dust fired boilers and gasifiers alike.


  • Suited for various waste materials
  • Diverse receiving station options
  • Reliable operation

Case Kouvola, Finland

Laitex delivered a complete receiving and pre-processing system including a moving floor bunker, discharge conveyors and a robust twin shaft crusher to prepare source separated biodegradable and supermarket food waste for anaerobic digestion in a biogas production process.