ESI-Eurosilo – highly automated and fully enclosed storage solutions

With over 40-years of experience, ESI-Eurosilo provides highly automated and fully enclosed storage solutions for the energy industry as well as other major industries. Laitex is a local agent of ESI-Eurosilo in Scandinavia and Russia.

The all-in-one Eurosilo concept is based on storage in large silos, up to 100.000m³, equipped with innovative feeding and reclaiming mechanisms as well as safety and dehumidification installations. Their highly dependable reclaim mechanism are designed to enable reclamation of bulk solids such as:

  • core flow for coal storage and other free-flowing materials
  • core flow with central column for coal, potato starch and soy beans
  • slotted central column for cohesive materials such as fertilizer, salt and FGD gypsum
  • shutter column system for materials with a very small particle size such us fly ash

The maximum control and the enclosed storage meet the requirements of environmental regulations, while the small footprint answers up to the space limitations of today’s power plants. Compared to open stockpiles or shed storage, a Eurosilo reduces the required ground space to a third for the same storage capacity.

Eurosilos are custom-made to the customer’s requirements. More can be found on the ESI-Eurosilo website:

solution options

  • The silo can be built with a steel structure, a wooden inner wall and standard outer wall cladding, as a slip-formed concrete silo or as a steel tank. Tracing and/or insulation of the outer wall are also possible.
  • Additional dewatering can achieved through a drainage system and by installing an optional vacuum unit.
  • The systems can be equipped with remote control operation, based on data bus system.
  • Extended silo structures for mounting of equipment, for example, a dewatering station at the top of an FGD gypsum silo.
  • Truck and train loading facilities, including a weighing system, directly underneath the silo.