Elevators for vertical transportation

Laitex elevators are an excellent choice for vertical conveying of both fine and coarse materials including ash, cement, various pigments, biomass, and other bulk materials. Laitex designs are made of standard modules, which are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Our basic models include chain bucket elevators and belt bucket elevators. The first is suitable for fine materials whereas the second can be used for heavier and coarse materials.

Laitex elevators are made of rigorously tested standard parts

  • Well-known chain and belt types
  • Stuffing box sealings at axle holes (rope, air, or grease sealing)
  • Easy-to-open maintenance and inspection doors
  • Self-supporting, completely enclosed, and safe structure
  • External bearing system with plummer block bearing housings

Standard belt bucket elevator belt widths: 200 – 1200 mm
Standard chain bucket elevator bucket widths: 400 – 1800 mm