Introducing our premises

Sometimes people are surprised how big or small our company and premises are. That’s why I’ll walk you through our premises.

Upper hall of Laitex
Upper hall from outside

Laitex bought an assembly hall from Yhteistyönkatu at 1988. The hall has been expanded five times before it came conclusively too small.

In 2016 Laitex bought another business premises from Kuormaajankatu and official employees moved there with assembly team. The metal workshop continued at the old premises in Yhteistyönkatu.

Down hall of Laitex
Down hall from outside

Now the old premises is in Finnish called yläpaja – upper hall, and the new premises is called down hall -alapaja because of their geographic locations. At the upper hall, we do machining, sheet metal work, abrasive blast and paintwork. At the down hall, we have an office and a hall. At the hall, we do assembly, have storage and items depart from there. At the office, we have designing and projects, sales and purchase departments and other office employees. There are 20 working at the upper hall, 7 working at the down hall and alternately 30 workers at the office.

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That’s where our conveyors are made and designed in.