Laitex selected as full-scope supplier for a Turku Energia project

Turku Energia is constructing a new biomass-fired steam production plant in the Artukainen area of Turku, Finland. The project is expected to be completed in spring 2018. Lappeenranta-based Laitex Oy will deliver an external fuel handling system for the steam production plant as a full-scope project. The new system is significant for the operation of the energy plant as it ensures the efficient and reliable supply of fuel to the boiler. Laitex will deliver the system as a turnkey project.

The scope of the project includes a 600-cubic-metre receiving and storage facility equipped with chain dischargers and together with the building, a conveyor to the screening plant, the screening plant equipment and building, and a conveyor to the boiler feeding silo. Additionally the delivery includes dedusting equipment, automation systems and process and building electrification.

Laitex is at its best in challenging full-scope projects. Lasse Kurronen, CEO, emphasis that winning the competitive bidding was based on a strong display of competence: “We want to be the best supplier of conveyor solutions for solid fuel. During the past few years, we have strengthened our organization so that we can take responsibility for the implementation of full scope projects smoothly and with a very large scope, if needed. Naturally I am happy that we won this Artukainen project, as it will strengthen our ability to deliver even larger full-scope projects. Our cooperation with Turku Energia and other parties in the project has been excellent.”

Full-scope deliveries are at the core of Laitex operations. Kurronen continues, “The energy and power plant industry is our strongest field of operations. The Turku Energia project suits our growth strategy perfectly. We believe that the number of this type of small and mid-sized energy plants utilising biomass-based fuel will increase in Finland and Europe. We have persistently invested in product development to ensure that we have the best products and services for turnkey deliveries. The Laitex order backlog is strong and we are recruiting new people, in particular in the areas of project engineering and project management.”

For additional information, please contact:
Lasse Kurronen, CEO
Tel. 040 067 9968 [email protected]

Laitex Oy:
The Finnish Laitex Oy company, established in 1986, is an experienced supplier of material handling equipment. Its main customer industries are energy, wood and paper, mining, chemicals and environmental technology. Among other products, it manufactures conveyor systems for receiving stations at power plants, solutions for fuel screening and crushing, conveyors for fuel feeding and sand or ash handling, and conveyor equipment for fly ash and filter dust.

Laitex employs 50 process industry specialists, mainly in Lappeenranta. In addition to Lappeenranta, Laitex has offices in Vantaa and St. Petersburg.