Laitex invests in quality

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Laitex has delivered material handling systems to more than 80 countries and knows that success does not come by itself. Although the company’s products are the most visible business card at the world. Laitex invests heavily in internal quality control, as evidenced by the recently received three-year certificate updates on quality management system (ISO 9001) and welding quality requirements (ISO 3834). The company was also granted one new certificate (ISO 45001) concerning occupational health care and work safety system.

Certificates prove quality

Certificates are an important part of operations in today’s business. They serve not only as a guarantee of quality, but also as an indication to customers that the company operates in accordance with internationally agreed rules.

“Certificates help customers when they evaluate their business partners. It is easier for the customer to choose a partner with valid certified systems, so that the customer knows that the company operates in accordance with requirements described in these international standards. This activity is evidenced by a certificate issued by an impartial body”, says Marja Hänninen, Laitex’s Quality Manager.

Auditors tour different companies. So they see different ways of operating and mirror Laitex’s activities against this field of experience. They bring their own vision of the company’s operations. The ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 are standards for operation management. Certificates are a third-party certificate of quality operations, Hänninen continues.

Responsibility as an important value

The heart of Laitex’s strategy is to provide solutions for fighting against climate change and promoting of circular economy. A large part of Laitex’s turnover comes from various projects in cleantech and circular economy. The company also wants to act responsibly internally.

“Responsibility and sustainable development are an important part of our business. We want to play a key role in fighting against climate change. Our environmental politic follows already ISO 14001 environmental system certification requirements. Laitex will make sure all activities meet needed certifications and audits and later have them noticed by a certified impartial body”, says Lasse Kurronen, CEO of Laitex Oy.

Weldings at Laitex are made according to ISO 3834-2, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001.