Laitex invests in employee wellbeing

We are happy to announce that Laitex personnel are more satisfied with their work compared to other reference companies. The annual wellbeing survey by mutual insurance company Elo was made for the third time at the end of 2015.

Promoting wellbeing at work has been a strategic development target at Laitex. Wellbeing has been developed systematically as part of the Laitex business strategy, since we strongly believe that health and wellbeing at work are the key factors for better productivity. The results are positive and motivating. For example, the annual amount of sick-leave days per person has clearly reduced and is now significantly below the industry average. More importantly, we did not have any accidents at work in 2015.

Wellbeing at work means that working environment is safe, healthy, and pleasant. It stimulates the workplace atmosphere and professionalism of employees. Wellbeing at work increases productivity and job commitment, and it reduces incidents of sick leave.

Our secret? Excellent employees, excellent social working environment, and excellent customers to work with! Wellbeing at work is a joint effort. We are happy to have you onboard.